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Mother and Son

Baby Massage

Infant massage is so much more than massage...scroll down to learn more about baby massage and why it's so special.

I absolutely love it when my either of my grandmothers give me a head massage with oil - something they’ve been doing from as far back as I can remember and it really is a lovely bonding experience as well as being relaxing. So when my son Bodhi was born, baby massage was an obvious choice for a baby class; plus, who doesn’t love a massage?! I’m so glad we did a course with him as it created the most wonderful bonding experience with his dad - I’ll never forget the smiles and gurgles that only my husband would get from Bodhi when he massaged him. 

For the whole family...

My baby massage classes are for both parents and I really do encourage you to both get involved because every time you touch your baby you are connecting and communicating with them and strengthening your bond. 

Not just a massage…

Infant massage classes are so much more than just learning how to massage your baby. Each week we discuss different elements of infant development and parenting, giving you the chance to learn and be supported by your community. There’s also a good chunk of time in each class dedicated to you socialising with other parents and babies, whilst I make you a hot cup of tea! 

Baby led…

An IAIM baby massage class is one of the only baby classes you’ll attend where the needs of your baby really are put first. I welcome babies in all their states and moods, which means I won’t bat an eye lid if they’re crying or decide to sleep throughout the entire session (as newborns love to!), I promise you’ll still reap the benefits of my classes. A baby-led approach is also why classes are taught in a 5-week block, so that babies can be gently introduced to massage with a different body part being taught each week. 

Little Feet
About Baby Massage

Benefits for Parents

  • Tools to help soothe, reassure, comfort and relax your baby

  • Strengthen the bond between you and your baby

  • Learn to read your baby's cues and body language.

  • Increased confidence

  • Support network 

Happy Baby

Benefits for Babies

  • Relief from wind/constipation/teething discomfort

  • Promotes a restful sleep

  • Aids brain development and communication skills

  • Models love, empathy, respect.

  • and many many more...


Pricing and Booking

Parents can choose from one of two infant massage options:


  • 5-week infant massage course

  • Oil for class provided

  • 10% off first order of NYRO with Kiran Webster

VIP PACKAGE (£67.50):

  • 5-week infant massage course

  • Oil for class provided

  • 10% off first order of NYRO with Kiran Webster

  • Baby dressing gown

  • Full-size bottle of organic baby oil

  • Organic beauty samples for parent & baby


Thursdays, at Snodland Community Centre (9.50am-11.20am)

2023 DATES:

12 Jan - 9 Feb [Book]

23 Feb - 23 March [Book]

30 March - 27 April [Book]

For other dates or to discuss private group and 1:1 bookings click here

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