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Hypnobirthing & Relaxation

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This journey into parenthood can be filled with love, excitement, nerves and confusion - I am here to support you through your journey and help you to feel calm, relaxed, confident & empowered.

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Pregnancy Relaxation Classes


If you’re looking for ways to relax and connect with your baby during your pregnancy, and to get to know other mums-to-be, then look no further!


These classes are not only great for relaxation, but they will also cover some antenatal education topics and provide you with some hypnobirthing practice - great for a taster into hypnobirthing if you’re not so sure, or a brilliant addition to a hypnobirthing course to keep your regular practice up!

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1 hour of pure relaxation, mindfulness, and chat dedicated to you and your pregnancy, delivered over the course of 4 weeks. Classes are suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy. 


Each session will change slightly, but will consist of 3 main parts:

1. Settle & Connect

Settling you into class with a brief a calm breathing technique that will be useful throughout pregnancy, labour and life. As well as an optional bump or hand massage, helping you to relax and connecting with your changing body.


2. Time to talk

A discussion on different topics related to pregnancy and birth, such as:

  • Hormones - what role do they play during birth and how to work with them?

  • Fear of birth - why you might be scared and how to change that.

  • Birth plans - why make them and what to include?

  • Birth places - where can I give birth? What are the options?

  • Affirmations - what are they and how do they work?

  • and more!


3. A mindful relaxation 

This is the good bit! Lying down or seated, you will be guided through a mindful pregnancy meditation. Allowing you to complete switch off from your thoughts and fully relax and focus on you and your bump. 

The meditations are hypnobirthing scripts which are specifically designed to relax you during pregnancy and promote self-confidence in your ability to grow and birth your baby. 

See below for course dates, pricing and how to book.

Pregnancy Relaxation Classes


Pregnant Woman and Partner

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It’s just a bit of breathing right?...Nope!


It’s a method of preparing for labour & birth that involves breathing techniques, self-hypnosis, visualisations, and a whole heap of antenatal education; all combined to increase your chances of having a positive birth (and it’s scientifically proven to do so!) Notice I said positive birth, not natural birth, not pain-free birth, but positive birth. Because all types of birth can be positive. But not without knowledge, empowerment and practice! We’ve been so used to seeing and hearing dramatic, painful, scary labour stories that you’d sound mad if you said you weren’t scared of birth. Through regular and guided practice, hypnobirthing gets you reprogramming your scared and anxious brain to feeling calm, confident, knowledgable and empowered about birth.

Who is it for?

...Everyone! I feel so strongly that every birthing person and their birth partner should attend a hypnobirthing course.

This hypnobirthing course is ideal to start between 20 and 30 weeks of pregnancy (though it’s never too late; click here if you’re closer to giving birth and have only just discovered me!)


Still not convinced? Let me ask you a few questions…


Do you know when & why interventions such as sweeps, examinations, inductions are offered and their risks & benefits? 

Do you know how you can customise your caesarean birth?

Do you know the importance of a birth plan and how to ensure it actually gets read and followed?!

Do you know the most effective way of breathing at different stages of labour?

Does your birth partner know how to really support you and be your voice during labour (and not just hold your hand?)


If you’ve answered “no” to any of these questions, then this is the course for you! 

What’s covered?


  • Understanding the mind-body connection and how to use it to your benefit during labour.

  • Birth physiology - what physically happens during the birthing process.

  • Understanding of different birth interventions

  • Learn & practice relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques

  • Understanding the maternity system and decision making throughout your pregnancy and birth

  • The role of the birth partner - how they can really help!

  • The 4th trimester

What else do you get?

  • A goody bag with lots of mother & baby bits and bobs as well as info on other local services 

  • 10% off at Neal’s Yard Remedies with me (a great place to find some relaxing essential oils to use during relaxation and hypnobirthing)

  • Course materials including client workbook

  • mp3 recordings

  • Ongoing support throughout your pregnancy via email/text

  • £5 off of pregnancy relaxation classes with me.

  • Meet other local families with babies of similar ages!

See below for course dates, pricing and how to book.


Dates & Booking Info

The Perfect Pregnancy Package


Save £20 when you book hypnobirthing and a pregnancy relaxation course at the same time. 

Pregnancy Relaxation

Suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy. 

How much?

£45 for 4 weeks 

(£40 if you are already booked onto a hypnobirthing course)

When & Where?

All classes are held online via Zoom, Thursdays, 7.30pm - 8.30pm

For in-person sessions, please contact me for private availability.


Suitable to start between 20 and 30 weeks of pregnancy.


(maximum 5 couples)


How much?

£260 per couple/family

When & Where?

Southcote Proactive Healthcare, Maidstone

9.20am - 12.40pm

March 2023: 4th, 11th & 18th [BOOK]

June 2023: 10th, 17th & 24th [BOOK]

October 2023: 14th, 21st & 28th [BOOK]


This course can be completely tailored to you and your needs. 

How much?

£350 - Save £65 if you have a pregnant friend join you! [BOOK]

When & Where?

It is usually delivered over the course of 4 x 2.5hr sessions, in the comfort of your own home or via Zoom.


If you have any questions or don't see any options above that suit you, get in touch to discuss other options.

Other hypnobirthing courses available include:

  • Small, private group

  • Online group course

  • Calm Caesarean Course

  • Refresher Course (for those who've attended hypnobirthing before but need a little reminder)

  • Rapid Course (for those further along than 30 weeks in their pregnancy)

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